Terence C Rivera
Chief Executive Officer

Terence C Rivera, BS

Born in Halifax Nova Scotia married in Viet Nam

First arriving to Asia via Bangkok Thailand in 2003 as an investment consultant for Cornwallis Financial Corporation, marketing an immigrant investment program from the province of Nova Scotia.

Establishing offices in Bangkok in 2004 and a second in Ho Chi Minh City that same year. Phnom Penh Cambodia was the third office in 2007 and the fourth in Manila, Philippines. Raising approximately $125 million in investment capital for the provinces of Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, British Columbia and Saskatchewan.
In 2011 Terence started receiving stem cell treatments for an autoimmune disorder—arthritis. Treatments included right and left knee and a damaged rotator cuff. The results were so favorable he decided to work with a local clinic as an Outside Consultant. His efforts would help them establish connections in Canada and the U.S. to attract overseas patients through, “Medical Tourism”.

Things went so well that he began working directly with that same clinic as the Director of Marketing and established a department specifically for treating obesity. In 2014 Terence launched his own clinic, Nubody Nulife—specializing in weight loss, hormone balancing and other health and wellness treatments.

Nubody Nulife was the first to introduce BHRT—bioidentical hormone replacement therapy to Vietnam, offering hormone balancing to pre and post-menopausal women. They also offer hormone balancing for men.

Education / Professional Associations

Bachelor’s degree of Science in Nutrition and Dietician
Bachelor’s of Commerce Major in business management
Member: Stem Cell Society of Ho Chi Minh City
Member: Canadian Chamber of Commerce in Vietnam

drreetajainDr. Reeta Jain
Medical Director

Dr. Reeta Jain | MBBS –  Barkatullah University Bhopal India

Over 17 years experience in hospital and clinical environment, heading the Emergency Room and Out Patient Department as Casualty Medical Officer. Dealing with a broad spectrum of issues ranging from burn victims to Snake bites there is not much Dr. Reeta has not seen and treated in her career.

Dr. Reeta moved from India to Viet Nam in 2009 and has spent her last five years treating both Vietnamese and Western patients at Columbia Asia International clinic in district 1, as a general practitioner.

“I believe in timely management of all diseases, preferring preventive strategies to reactive ones, early intervention and treatment with thorough professionalism and dedication”

Dung DoanDung Doan
Accounting Department

Dung Doan | Accounting Department

“We are ladies and gentlemen serving ladies and gentlemen. An International community demands international standards, and I strive each day to exceed expectations. Each day is a new opportunity to support my team, and each day we learn and grow together. Nubody Nulife is more than my company-it is my other family!”

Vu AnhVu Anh
Customer Relations

Vu Anh | Customer Relations

Since I’ve had a treatment at Nubody Nulife in 2014, I’ve been deeply persuaded. As the name says, Nubody Nulife has change not only my body, but also my life. So I decided to quit my current job and join the Nubody Nulife team. Since then, we have treated & changed a lot of people’s lives, after which they became my close friends. My goal is to maximize our service not only in Vietnam, but also other places that we can reach out and change lives.

Casa MaiCasa Mai
Marketing Consultant

Casa Mai | Marketing Consultant

“Spending my life helping to improve the lives of others is the most fulfilling thing I can imagine, and that is why I love Nubody Nulife. I am proud to be a part of the team which is going to change the world.”

Siri NguyenSuri Nguyen
Marketing Consultant

Suri Nguyen | Marketing Consultant

“An investment in health pays the best dividends. I believe every person has the right to feel amazing about their body, in both health and beauty. Each day we help people discover their amazing potential, changing lives, one life at a time.”