We would like to introduce to you a proven cure, for a disorder called “obesity”, we are not promoting yet another “Yo-Yo” diet, as a matter of clinical fact, this is not a diet, this is a method of treatment designed to cure your underlying issues with regards to your easy weight gain and poor metabolism, to correct the problems which cause you to put on fat so easily and at the same time make it so hard to lose. Our methods have grown out of practical experience and observations from patients treated here at our clinic, as well as observations made from our clinical trials. What we have discovered is based on five years of wrestling with the fundamental problems of obesity, its causes, its symptoms, and it’s very complicated and elusive nature. Over the years of research numerous cases have passed through our hands and were carefully studied. The reasons for accumulating excessive fat is a very definite metabolic disorder, in a very similar way that insulin resistance causes diabetes. People are told they are fat because they eat too much. I believe this is not the truth nor is it fair to the general public to be told such inaccuracy’s. Overeating is the result of the disorder (obesity), not its cause, and we can make little difference in a person’s life unless we cure the underlying problem, that of an improperly functioning region of the brain which regulates hunger hormones, such as Ghrelin and Leptin. Once a patient is free of their disorder they will be able to eat without regaining the abnormal fat lost. Patients, whom in the past lead horrible lives, eating the smallest amounts of food in an attempt to stave of the weight will now be able to enjoy a normal life, without the worries and concerns that previously consumed so much of there daily lives and activities. once a patient understands he or she now has a healthy, normal functioning metabolism and can enjoy regular meals with their friends and loved ones they will then know they have been cured from their disorder. Therefore we must give satisfying evidence to the patient of what is happening in the obese body. We must also be able provide positive facts and furnish hard evidence to the patient against which the results of his or her treatments can be accurately measured. In dealing with the issue of obesity, whether severe or mild, the patient must take an active part in the treatment, it is essential that he or she have an understanding of what is being done and why. Only then can there be mutual understanding and cooperation between our physicians and you, our patient.

Seven Week Treatment Program

Men should expect to lose 16 to 18 kilograms of body fat during our seven week treatment program, woman slightly less, approximately 12 to 14 kilograms during the same seven week program. (Children should expect the same results as adult women)

Four Week Treatment Program

Men should expect to lose 8 kilograms of body fat during our Four Week Treatment Program, woman slightly less, approximately 6 kilograms during the same Four Week Program. (Children should expect the same results as adult women)

You will be treated by trained medical professionals. During your treatment you will receive daily personal hands on medical attention and professional counseling. Note: We are the only medical institution doing this full body detoxification and weight loss cleanse in Vietnam.