Your Solutions for Back Pain is Now Easy

Generic and all-inclusive term, which includes a series of painful symptoms of various origins, back pain , or more precisely low back pain, is a widespread problem: it is estimated that only in Italy do over fifteen million suffer from it, or have suffered from its people, and that it is one of the first causes of absenteeism from work. The triggering causes and mechanisms of action of back pain are varied and depend on a series of factors related to age, physical activity, posture, climate (pain often arises following a cold) or to small traumas. Depending on the cause and the type of pain, as well as its intensity and location, the remedies for back pain can be different. From Dr. Narinder S. Grewal you will be getting all the information about the same as he is the best person to talk to regarding the same.

The spine

To better understand how back pain works, it is useful to understand how the spine works: it consists of a series of bones, the vertebrae, stacked one above the other. Inside the vertebrae we find the spinal cord, and the nerve structures that carry the messages from the muscles to the brain. The vertebrae are separated from each other by the invertebral discs, which perform the function of real shock absorbers, allowing the movement of the back and the impact between one vertebra and another. At the origin of the lumbar pains, often and willingly, there are lesions or small traumas to the muscle fibers, or precisely to the invertebral discs, which with age tend to deteriorate causing, for example, hernias. Back pain, which manifests itself in different forms and with varying degrees of intensity, can be due to an inflammation or a contraction of the muscles, or a real neuralgia.

Pain: causes and types

However, in the vast majority of cases back pain is caused by incorrect habits, postures and movements. The pain can be very varied in intensity and form, and is usually indicative of the cause. It can be intense, sudden and excruciating (the so-called blow of the witch) or more moderate and prolonged. It can be cyclical, and vary according to the day, or intensify according to the posture: it can be more intense when you get up or vice versa when sitting, it can get worse as you walk, it can radiate towards the buttock or hip, or in the back of the leg, as happens with sciatica.

The Risk Factors

Among the known risk factors for low back pain, in addition to stress, obesity, and poor physical fitness, we find bad postures and traumas related to sports; it is not uncommon for an exercise carried out in the wrong way to lead to traumas and very painful back pains: among the most common mistakes, for example, it is possible to highlight incorrect exercises for abdominal exercises, or lifting weights from the ground.

It goes without saying, therefore, that proper physical exercise becomes very important, to reduce the possibility of incurring this type of trouble. Stretching and muscle strengthening exercises, especially for the muscles connected to the spine, greatly reduce the risk of trauma and contractures, which in turn can cause a painful inflammatory reaction.

Physical exercise is also useful for maintaining the correct mobility and elasticity of the spine: for this purpose massages can also be effective, which are useful for dissolving muscular tension. For those who lead a more sedentary lifestyle, or for other reasons cannot maintain a constant exercise, the advice is to pay particular attention to posture, avoiding uncomfortable or unnatural positions for the spine, and taking care not to keep too much along the same position.

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